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Dabaca Fortress Dăbâca

Fortress Dăbâca
Dabaca Fortress Dăbâca


Commune, Village

46.9756393, 23.6741066

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Presentation - Dabaca Fortress Dăbâca

Dabaca fortress is located on Dealul Cetatii (Fortress Hill), on the upper terrace of Lona valley. According to the archaeological research, it was built in many stages, at short periods of time and it evolved from the statute of collective fortification to that of residence of Dabaca county, fact mentioned in the documents from 1164.

The construction had a triangular shape, with a tip oriented towards the North. It initially had more earth walls and defence ditches in the South-Western side and wooden palisades on the other sides. The palisades were destroyed in the 11th century following the conflicts with tribes of Cumanians and Petcheneges. The height of the earth walls was raised subsequently and the system of palisades was restored and redefined in a more complex way. The entrance in the fortress was made through two gates, in the Northern side, namely the South-Western one, both having a wooden tower. At the end of the 12th century the palisades were replaced with stone walls with towers and a donjon.

The fortress was destroyed during the invasion of Tartars from 1241-1242. It was rebuilt but it didn’t manage to regain its initial importance, its role being taken over by Martinuzzi fortress from Gherla. In the present, the remains of the fortress are partially covered with land. This can be visited, not being enclosed.

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