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Petru Voda Monastery Bicaz

Monastery Bicaz
Petru Voda Monastery Bicaz


Loc. Petru Voda, Pe Dn 15, De La Poiana Largului Spre Targu Neamt

47.173144, 25.965156

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Presentation - Petru Voda Monastery Bicaz

Although it was established recently (late twentieth century), Petru Voda Monastery - done in a manner that betrays influences of medieval style - has become a place of pilgrimage for thousands of faithful. Following the national road DN 15B from Poiana Teiului to Targu Neamt, wide valley emerges from the left, a village 10 km to the right branch Petru Voda.

Once in the wide valley will either take buses off the line Durau-Tg. Neamt up to the first station in the village Petru Voda (after crossing the bridge over the river Hasca). It can come and Tg. Neamt bus line from Tg. German-Durau by Petru Voda village, located 39 km west of Tg. German.

In the area there was not ever a monastic, but after 1989, the faithful wanted and requested the establishment of a monastery in the village of Petru Voda. They had the same desire and the local authorities have provided, in Hasca clearing land monastery complex construction required. In 1990, Metropolitan Daniel of Moldavia and Bucovina gave his blessing, and after 1991 began construction of the church. The task of establishing the monastery, the rise of construction and organization congregation and took a two monks from the monastery Secu, home of Poiana Teiului.

One of these monks is the former abbot of the monastery, monk Justin Parvu. Considered by many as one of the most famous Fathers alive. Father Justin passed in years that has gathered over many hardships, but always remained faithful to the Orthodox faith and the Roman people.

Born on February 10, 1918, in the village of Poiana Largului, Neamt county, took monastic vows in 1936, the Hermitage Durau being ordained a priest at 22 years. He participated with 4th Mountain Division fought in the Second World War, reaching up to Don. After your discharge, follows the Roman Seminary, graduated from it in 1945, the year he was arrested and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment political punishment extends until 1964.

After release from prison, Father Justin served as a monk at the Monastery Secu and Bistrita. In 1992 construction began on Petru Voda Monastery, unique monastery in Romania and is dedicated to the martyrs in communist prisons. Although the great difficulties regarding the financing and provision of construction materials, working with great dedication, supported by large communal which has managed to organize shortly, Father Justin, managed to lift the church and three wooden buildings for Priory, cells, refectory, kitchen and guest rooms.

The church dedicated Michaelmas is a building of wooden beams, the concrete foundation. The space is divided into the sanctuary, nave, narthex and porch. The altar is lit by a window placed at sunrise. It is separated from the nave by the iconostasis oak, which climbs the wall that descends from the altar vault. Beautiful sculpture is made by master Pantelimon Peiu Tg. German.

The nave with apses less contoured wall delineates the narthex through walls coming from the edge to the center, where leaves a wide opening of 4 m. The nave is a high steeple, open the octagonal shape, illuminated by four windows. The nave is lit by a window on each wall. The narthex, quite spacious, also receives light from a window located on the south wall and another on the north.

Closed porch is spacious, lit by a fixed window on the west wall. Entrance is through the south porch, a carved oak door. in the church, including the porch, wooden pews are arranged carved oak. The floor is made of timber battens. The church is covered with tin, very wide eaves, specific Moldavian style.

The tower, the sheet is placed in the form of fish scales. The walls are lined with a row of sticks, which was placed over the plaster, and outside were lined with two rows of plank and was plastered.

The church is made in tempera technique by painter Michael Gabor County Neamt.Corpurile for cells, three in number, built north of the church are covered with shingles.

The current abbot monk Hariton is black.

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