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The Church From Izvorul Muntelui ( Mountain Spring) Parish – Bicaz Bicaz

Orthodox church Bicaz
The Church From Izvorul Muntelui ( Mountain Spring) Parish – Bicaz Bicaz


Izvorul Muntelui

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Why is so special The Church From Izvorul Muntelui ( Mountain Spring) Parish – Bicaz Bicaz:
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Presentation - The Church From Izvorul Muntelui ( Mountain Spring) Parish – Bicaz Bicaz

This church has as protectors The Saint Eperrors Constantin and Helen and Saint The Great Martyr Pntelimon.

It is situated in Neamţ county, Bicaz city, street Izvorul Muntelui, on the river with the same name, at the half of the road between Bicaz (6 km) and the chalet Izvorul Muntelui (6 km) at the foot of Ceahlău Mountain, on the main touristic route that leads to the mountain.

Izvorul Muntelui village- street of Bicaz city in the present – was formed mainly from Transylvanian orthodox Romanians refugees during and after 1877, who settled here and founded this village; later, between 1955 and 1958, there also came here displaced families from Cârnu, Secu and Izvorul Alb. The name of this village shows that it is longly crossed by a mountain river of which spring we find at the foot of Ceahlău Mountain.

The present church was built between the years 1958 and 1959 on the field donated by the parishioner Olaru Gh. Vasile, being blessed by Dr. Iustin Moisescu, the Bishop of Moldavia and Suceava, on the 26th of July, during this period he also received the festivals mentioned before.This church is the one from Cârnu village, that was displaced, on the State’s expence, as the village’s field has entered in the area of the accumulating lake barage, Izvorul Muntelui.

The church is built of mountain stone with three red brick girdles (as Stephan the Great’s model), detached one from the other, limitting three well-defined zones; the architecture of the creed place reveals the Moldavian churches style, in a triconic shape, with two spires and one row of recesses around this church, arranged under the eave. The roof is made of zincked tin for solidity.

As for the painting, this was achieved later, more exactly in 1986 by the painter Emil Ungureanu. The trelli-work mast is brought from the displaced church from Cârnu village, that is nowadays under Izvorul Muntelui Lke-Bicaz.

Looking at the shrine, our attention can be drawn to the iconostasis that was brought from Cârnu church built in 1909 and removed from the old village in 1958. Sculpted in maple wood, having five icons parts in Christian iconography and Byzantine style, there are here big icons in the inferior part and, in the superior parts, there are little oval icons. The iconostasis painting is made by the painter Pavlu, after the model of Mitropolitan Cathedral in Iaşi ( that is made by painter Tătărăscu). It was believed for a long time that his apprentices did the painting until it was found that Pavlu was the author.

The furniture and icons of the church are kept at the stone church in Cârnu (built between 1902 and 1909), but we also have old icons from the old wood church “Saint Pantelimon” (1783) that were rudimentary painted by Tudosie Zugravul. At this church there is also kept a list of dead persons belonging to the Honourable Panaiotis from Cârnu – 1783 who could be the founder of this little church himself.

Near the church it was raised a parish house 1960 – Priest Atanasie Danilov and a feast house (between 1992-1996) by the Priests Gh.Mihalache and Stelian Cărpuşor.

During the years when the church protected the few people of Izvorul Muntelui village, four priests were serving its Altar. Therefore, we will mention first the Priest Danilov Atanasie who removed the church and served it untill 1973, followed by Priest Cărpuşor Stelian (1973-2001) (between 1979 and 1993, Priest Țiganea Mircea, and between 1993 and 2002, the village was shepherd by Priest Mihalache Gheorghe. Nowadays, the pastoral life of the flock is being under the protection of the Vicar Priest Dosoftei Daniel even since 17.03.2002.

Thanks to its beauty and also to the exquisite natural landscape, we think that, in the future, this church, situated at the foot of Pion of Romanian Athos, will write its name in the church arts monuments. It is special because it remained uncovered by waters, its name being related to the accumulation lake and it is situated in such a rich and beautiful spiritual and landscape area.

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