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Saints Peter And Paul Church Hangu

Orthodox church Hangu
Saints Peter And Paul Church Hangu



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Presentation - Saints Peter And Paul Church Hangu

During the eighteenth century, due to the expansion Catholic, many Transylvanian fled and settled in the village households Audia. From this period dates and Audia first church built in the Transylvanian style wooden beams, with the patron Saints Peter and Paul, painted by artist John Painter, Transylvanian settled in the village CPAR, Ceahlău common.

In 1829 the church was renovated by Basil Old priests, and Neculai Sachelarie Prundeanu said. Today this church no longer exists, it was dissolved in 1946 after being completely ruined by a shell fell during the war. The place where the Holy Mass was built a stone base covered with a canopy of wood. From the old church are still preserved today du cult books, a few icons and a few sneezes fir and lime.

In 1900, the parish council headed by the parish priest John Pântescu decided to start building a new house of worship, along with the old church sanctuary will keep patron Saints apostleship Peter and Paul, which will add the second patron, the the Pious Saint Paraskeva from Iasi.

Therefore, the construction of the church began in 1900 and ended in 1918. The founders of the new church is the parish priest John Pântescu along with parishioners. We should mention that the diptych ctitorilo that remains until today, are passed along with King Ferdinand and Queen Maria and their sons.

The construction of new churches were entrusted meşterulu Macedonian Petrea Cristea along with his disciples. The church is built of stone, cross-shaped, with large windows and high side apses and vaults spacious semi-cylindrical shaped wall resting on the side.

Shingle roof was originally, then galvanized sheet, with an octagonal tower on the nave and a larger cuboidal with four windows on the porch, which serves tower bell.

The dimensions of the church are impressive, considering the small number of inhabitants of the parish of the time (about 60 families), which shows their extraordinary strength and dedication of the altar. Thus, the church has a length of 32 meters, width of 8 meters (12 meters to apses sneezing), and the tower height of 30 meters. The church is the church ortdoxe specific, ie porch, narthex, nave and altar.

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