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Mineral Springs Borsec

Source Borsec
Mineral Springs Borsec



46.972353, 25.560625

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Presentation - Mineral Springs Borsec

In Borsec there are over 15 natural carbonated mineral water springs with close chemical composition, stability in time and variable flow.
Among them there are 5 springs whose water is bottled.
The water of those springs is very beneficial, mainly in the circulatory system diseases, gynecological disorders, neurotic disorders, various kidney diseases, endocrine disorders, diabetes and others. One can make internal cures through direct consumption of mineral water, hydrotherapy massages, electrotherapy, mofettes.

The main sources of Borsec are: 

  • Main Spring (source) no. 1
  • Source 2 / Republic / Erzsébet 
  • Boldizsár Spring / Madonna / Horia (source 3) - flow of 6,600 l / day; carbonated water, bicarbonate, mixed; It contains calcium, magnesium, sodium; indications: hyperacid gastritis, mild constipation, kidney stones (renal calculus) and liver calculus, albuminuria, chronic nephritis.
  • Spring no.4.
  • László Spring / Cloşca (Source 5) - flow of 5,100 l / day; carbonated, mixed water; Contains: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Indications: hypoacid gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic uric and oxalic lithiasis, obesity, arthritis (hypertensive disease)
  • Lázár/Crişan  Spring (Source 6) - bicarbonated water with calcium, magnesium and, sodium, carbonated, hypotonic, slightly sulphurous; Indications: relieves gastritis with hyperacidity
  • Kossuth Spring (Source 10) - flow is decreasing; Indications: hypoacid gastritis, ulcer disease, hypocalcaemia. 
  • Petőfi spring (Source 11) - flow of 900 l / day; carbonated,  bicarbonated, mixed water; Contains: Calcium, magnesium, lithium, sodium; Indications: gastritis with hyperacidity; hypocalcemia, parathyroid disease (insufficiency)
  • Pierre Curie Spring - at a distance of approximately 1800 m from the resort center, is the source of the most radioactive mineral water in the resort 
  • Ancient spring / Ősforrás / Dögleszti 
  • Goat Spring 
  • Erdei / József főherceg / Károly / Bălcescu - uncaptured.
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